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Who is Blue Bridges and What does it do?


Blue Bridges is a nonprofit foundation that funds Hope Corps scholarships. Blue Bridges annually commits funds for Hope Corps Scholarships.

Blue Bridges offers scholarships to students who plan to attend as well as students who have completed coursework but have not yet gone on ITW.

The first and primary scholarship that is offered is called The Blue Bridges Scholarship and is available for current students enrolling for the 2021 Fall or 2022 Spring semesters.

The other scholarship that is offered is called The Bridge scholarship, which is offered to former students of 2009 – 2020 who have completed their course studies but have not attended their ITW.

If awarded, scholarship recipients do not have to repay this gift.

Criteria used to determine the scholarships are as follows:
• Academic achievement,
• Work history,
• Church involvement,
• Leadership skills,
• Overcoming adversity and
• Pastor’s Survey

Building bridges to our world.

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