Blue Bridges Scholarship

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Blue Bridges Scholarships are available for students that have already completed their Hope Corps classes and want to attend ITW but are unable due to finances. Please note that ONLY Hope Corps students that have completed the following criteria will be eligible to receive consideration for funding. Once you have submitted the required information, Blue Bridges will store your information until the next ITW season. At this time, our board will review and award scholarships to those who qualify. All applications will receive digital correspondence to the email provided 30-60 days before their scheduled ITW.

Blue Bridges Scholarship

Ready to go to ITW but need assistance with finances? The Blue Bridges Scholarship is being offered to all Hope Corps students who have completed their course studies but have not completed their ITW.

if you meet the following Criteria you are eligible to be considered to Receive an itw Scholarship of $200 to $800:

The following items must be met in order to complete your application for scholarship:

• You must be a first-time ITW participant.
• You must be a Hope Corps student that completed coursework during the years 2009 through current year.
• You must attend an ITW in the same calendar year the scholarship is granted.
• Your records must reflect a grade point average of at least 80% for each completed class.
• You must upload a receipt from Hope Corps showing completed payment to the ITW escrow account.

The procedure for the application of the Scholarship for the Intensive Training Week is as follows:

• Click the Blue Bridges Scholarship button below.
• Fill out the online application completely and upload your Hope Corps receipt showing payment of your ITW.
• You will receive an email stating that your application has been received.
• A formal review of your application will be made.
• You will receive an email announcing your status concerning the scholarship.
• If awarded, your award will be emailed to you within one week of receiving the completed form.

The Blue Bridges Scholarship is null and void if the above stipulations are not met.

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